"Beauty is Soul"



EV clothing is based in Jakarta leading supplier of high quality sustainable and ethical clothing. Suppyling designs of all sizes in the privated, public and high calibre clients, both here in Indonesia and abroad. When it comes to quality, it's all about aquipment, which is why we use some of the most advances fabrics avalaible in Asia and Europe work with a network of selected taylor partners and manufacturers. Taylor dress is a woman's and men's collection that covers many different lifestyles for the modern look. EV collection is inspired from the high fashion. Vintage, classy and elegance. EV designs is one of the leading personalised clothing companies. One thing that makes us different from the rest is the quality of our products and style remains."



We use the latest fashion street and old generation. We pride ourself on our customer service and reliability. Our service include this pattern contains layered pattern pieces. You can order just the sizes you need. With innovation, sustainability and transparency at our service. We're a partner you can depend on.



"Women should be Smart & Classy"